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  1. The mission of the CARRI is to help develop and then share critical paths that any community or region may take to strengthen its ability to prepare for, respond to, and rapidly recover from significant man-made or natural disasters...
  2. John Robb, a former “tier 1 special operator” and astronautical engineer, who has written some excellent pieces on peak oil and the global security situation...
  3. MiiU is the resilient community wiki. A resilient community is a place that produces most of what it needs locally and connects virtually for everything else. That means it is nearly immune to many of the negative effects of disasters and global breakdown
  4. Esta generación es el eslabón que mantiene el vínculo con la tierra, padres o abuelos todavía en forma para trabajar la huerta que quizás ya habían dejado los cultivos pero que todavía conservan las herramientas y el conocimiento. Ellos se encargar

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